Daily Vim Devotional

This plugin (by the indefatigable Tim Pope, of course) takes some of the nice things from rails.vim, including projections and :A and makes them work on plain old Ruby projects.


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This plugin let’s you take code like this:

service "nginx" do
  action :nothing

type gJ for Go Join That!, and it turns in to:

service "nginx" { action :nothing }

type gS for Go Split That!, to change it back.

Works with blocks, if statements, and most structures that do both multi-line and single line forms. Supports many programming languages too.


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Most of these have been covered here before, but it’s a nice list.

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Interesting article.


Straightforward advice for those getting started.

Middleman is about my favorite thing in web development right now. Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters are Stylesheet frameworks done the right way.

This article shows how to use these and the Middleman blog plugin together.


This is a walk-through for styling your own static blog from scratch. We will

be using Middleman for our framework and Bourbon ,

Neat , and Bitters for our Sass libraries.

Middleman is a lightweight static site framework built using Ruby. It compiles…


Leave it to the indefatigable Tim Pope to write a Clojure-like language that compiles down to VimL.

Though I’ll probably never use this, the fact that it exists at all makes me feel like everything’s going to be OK.


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Set Your Mac’s Time Zone to UTC

Yesterday I caused an outage and had to write a post mortem. For the timeline the times are supposed to be in UTC so there’s no confusion over time zones, because timezones are the worst.

I was going back through the HipChat conversations from the day and all of the times were in my local time zone. I had no intention of converting each time to UTC in my head or otherwise, so I decided to set my Mac’s clock to UTC to make it easier.

System Preferences doesn’t let you pick UTC for a time zone, but you can do this:

sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime

You clock will now be set to UTC. When you’re ready to change it back, you can do so in System Preferences.

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This plugin lets you autocomplete text that’s in other tmux windows and panes. It’s great if you’re using terminal vim with tmux and are too lazy to copy and paste.


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