Daily Vim Devotional

Sep 04


This plugin lets you have a local .vimrc in any directory, perfect for those projects where you want to customize your config, but not globally.


Sep 02


Provides syntax highlighting for all the most popular JavaScript libraries.


Aug 27

Page Up and Page Down with Control-F and Control-B

^F to go forward a page, ^B to go back a page.

:help PageDown :help PageUp

Aug 25

Hidden features of Ruby you may not know about -

(Source: rubyweekly.com)

Aug 22


I website and API for generating .gitignore lists for all kinds of stuff.

An example (from Justin Campbell):

git config --global alias.ignore '!gi() { curl gitignore.io/api/$@ ;}; gi' git ignore ruby,osx


Aug 20


Nice plugin for running Ruby and JavaScript tests from Vim. Lets you use vim-dispatch or other tools of your choice.


(Source: robots.thoughtbot.com)

Aug 15

Write a Vim Plugin with TDD -


Write a Vim plugin with confidence using TDD.

Aug 05

Maintainable RSpec Helper - Ryan Sonnek -

Aug 04

Perfect ClojureScript Development Environment With Vim - Anton Astashov's blog -

(Source: twitter.com)

Jul 31

Send buffer contents to a command

Sometimes, when I have to run a series of important commands with lots of switches (hi, knife bootstrap!), I like to type them all in an editor and then run them when I’m done.

Vim can :write to any output, so doing:

:w !sh

will write the contents of the current buffer to the sh command, and display the output.