Daily Vim Devotional
Using multiple .ssh/config files

I have my ssh config up on GitHub: https://github.com/smith/vim-config/blob/master/extra/ssh/config.d/main

I have some other work-specific configuration options that are semi-secret in that they contain some hostnames and settings I don’t need to be sharing publicly. There’s no way to use any kind of includes in your ~/.ssh/config, so I made a function my Fish config that concats everything from ~/.ssh/config.d together into ~/.ssh/config. This is the function I use, but it would be similar for Bash or other shells:

function ssh cat ~/.ssh/config.d/* > ~/.ssh/config command ssh $argv end


Apparently Graphviz ships with a tool called vimdot, which lets you edit graphs in Vim and have them instantly update in a window. I couldn’t get it working in terminal Vim on my Mac, but maybe you can.

(Source: twitter.com)

REPL driven development with Pry

I dive in to Pry that shows some amazing things that might change the way you work.


This plugin lets you select the nearest text object in normal mode by just pressing <ENTER>. It’s very simple but has already made things easier.

For example, if I need to select something within parentheses and change it, but for I would do ci( to change what’s i the parens, but now I just press <ENTER>c to do the same thing. Works on strings and other text objects too.


(Source: twitter.com)


I don’t have a lot of love for Haml, but I use it frequently, and this plugin in not only from the indefatigable Tim Pope, but also includes support for Sass and SCSS, which have my eternal undying affection.



Ever want to do an SQL query on a plain text file? Or output from a unix command? With q, you can. It’s a very nifty tool.



If you use Evernote, but still love to type stuff in the CLI. Check out geeknote.



This plugin lets you view and navigate classes in a file using tags. It’s nice. I have it mapped to ,\.