Daily Vim Devotional

Nice plugin for running Ruby and JavaScript tests from Vim. Lets you use vim-dispatch or other tools of your choice.


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Write a Vim plugin with confidence using TDD.

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Send buffer contents to a command

Sometimes, when I have to run a series of important commands with lots of switches (hi, knife bootstrap!), I like to type them all in an editor and then run them when I’m done.

Vim can :write to any output, so doing:

:w !sh

will write the contents of the current buffer to the sh command, and display the output.


This plugin (by the indefatigable Tim Pope, of course) takes some of the nice things from rails.vim, including projections and :A and makes them work on plain old Ruby projects.


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This plugin let’s you take code like this:

service "nginx" do
  action :nothing

type gJ for Go Join That!, and it turns in to:

service "nginx" { action :nothing }

type gS for Go Split That!, to change it back.

Works with blocks, if statements, and most structures that do both multi-line and single line forms. Supports many programming languages too.


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Most of these have been covered here before, but it’s a nice list.

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Interesting article.